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Founded in the year 1969 in İstanbul as mavigüneş (meaning blue sun) it was  the very first group of Osman Murat Ertel of BaBa ZuLa fame when he was 5 years old. Together with the two girl members of the group they were dancing and making music for the family. The group disbanded in the same year but got together at the 40th anniversary with two other girls for one gig only. When Murat got together with Esma Ertel who later became his wife, they did a tour in Brazil in 2011, doing music using a curtain and shadow dancing... They performed rarely with some special guests in Tokyo with Nourah and Otoji and Ray and in Berlin with Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM. Murat Ertel was the first person to play and perform with a theremin in Turkey also doing its first recording in the year 2000 and Esma Ertel became the first Theremin dancer of Turkey. They also performed in Milas when Esma was pregnant to their first child for 8 months and numerous times in İstanbul. This is the band's first studio recording and their first ever release. 


vocals, theremin, dancing, bendir, electronics



electric saz, divan saz, synths, electronics, vocals, percussion


 electronics, percussion


bendir, darbuka, davul, percussion